PREP Modules

2019 saw the development of a new set of PREP modules that took the platform beyond the base module, which was originally built to just assess the recyclability of packaging discarded at kerbside (curbside). 

In 2020, these modules have been refined and a roadmap for other modules has been established to provide additional value to end users.

The current optional modules include:

1. Soft plastics assessment framework to assess the suitability of films.  Currently used for Australia's REDcycle collection network

2. Product category nomination fields so an organisation's projects can be sorted e.g. bakery, confectionery...etc

3. Integrated on-pack label artwork.  The first use of this module is for the Australasian Recycling Label but images for other nation's schemes can be uploaded.

4. Dashboard, which currently includes two charts: one showing a summary of the recyclability results for all packaging items; and one showing the same, but sorted based on the product category.

The National Host Organisations, including APCO, OPRL and Label4Recycling (Singapore), now also have a suite of new modules to improve their ability to manage users, update parameters and thresholds and communicate directly with users.

We've also developed a methodology for downloading PREP data and moving PREP data between organisations and between PREP versions e.g. Australasia to Singapore.

During our blue sky thinking sessions, we've come up with plenty of crazy ideas of what PREP could be, but some of the more realistic module ideas include:

  • Calculator for estimating Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) liabilities
  • Integrating Deposit Return Scheme (DRS) artwork, eligible container information and calculating DRS liabilities
  • Supplier module that allows a supplier to complete a PREP assessment and the report be made visible in the customer's PREP account
  • Calculating the total weight and type of packaging placed on the market.

If you know PREP and have ideas of what else it could be, please let us know and we'll add it to the list!