Roll 'n' Recycle achieves immediate success

O F Packaging was a multiple winner at the recently announced 2021 AIP Packaging Innovation & Design Awards (PIDAs).  Two of its three awards were shared with Brookfarm and the Roll 'n' Recycle certification program managed by PREP Design.

Brookfarm is the first brand owner to adopt the Roll 'n' Recycle mark and the engineered sticker to allow the monopolymer pouches produced by O F Pack to be recycled in the household kerbside recycling bin.  This innovative program managed by PREP Design is aimed at recovering a much large proportion of the flexible plastic packaging placed on the market.

The two Gold Awards were presented for the 'Food Packaging' and 'Labelling and Decoration' categories, which was an outstanding result given the product has only just been released to the market, at the end of 2020.

The confidence in the Roll 'n' Recycle program by Brookfarm and O F Pack has been consolidated with the recent decision by APCO's Technical Advisory Committee to confirm that the rolled up monopolymer pouches can be classified as recyclable.

Interest in the Roll 'n' Recycle program is rapidly rising, which will see many more companies joining the program to help their customers recycle with greater convenience, at home.